Volume 16-2021

Issue 2 June

  1. Foodborne diseases and food safety in sub-Saharan Africa: Current situation of three representative countries and policy recommendations for the region
  2. Preference for improved varietal attributes of Bambara groundnut among smallholder farmers in Ghana
  3. Gender-differentiated stochastic meta-frontier analysis of production technology heterogeneity among smallholder cassava farmers in Ghana
  4. Assessing the Contribution of Climate-smart Agriculture Practices on the Resilience of Maize Farmers in Bungoma County, Kenya
  5. Heterogeneity in consumer preferences for organic and genetically modified food products in Ghana
  6. Resilience to shocks in Malawian households

Issue 1 March

  1. Transmission of global wheat prices to domestic markets in Kenya: A cointegration approach
  2. Stochastic meta-frontier function analysis of the regional efficiency and technology gap ratios (TGRs) of small-scale cassava producers in Liberia
  3. Are the current animal trypanosomiasis management methods in Kenya complementary or substitutes? Evidence from Kwale County
  4. Heterogeneous welfare effects of farmer groups in smallholder irrigation schemes in South Africa
  5. Agricultural price transmission across space and time: The case of cowpea and yam markets in Nigeria
  6. Consumer preferences for organic vegetables in southwestern Nigeria: A choice experiment approach

Volume 15-2020

Issue 4 December

  1. Consumer willingness to pay for fair-trade attributes of goat meat in Kenya: A choice experiment analysis
  2. Prospects for sustainable intensification of soybean production in sub-Saharan Africa
  3. Impacts de la présence des intermédiaires sur l’intégration spatiale des marchés agricoles au Cameroun : une analyse par l’approche ARDL
  4. Income and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission trade-offs on smallholder farms at two sites in northern Nigeria
  5. Liens empiriques entre financement agricole et sécurité alimentaire au Sénégal
  6. African agriculture in the context of COVID-19: Finding salvation in the devil
  7. Total factor productivity and technical efficiency among smallholder groundnut farmers in Northern Mozambique

Issue 3 September

  1. Preferences and crop choice during Zimbabwe’s macroeconomic crisis
  2. Déterminants d’insolvabilité des termes de contrats agricoles : cas des riziculteurs du Burkina Faso
  3. Effect of social networks on household dietary diversity: Evidence from smallholder farmers in Kisii and Nyamira counties, Kenya
  4. Impact of Nile perch (Lates niloticus) overfishing on fishers’ income: Evidence from Lake Victoria, Tanzania
  5. Marketing of baobab pulp in Kenya: Collectors’ choice of rural versus urban markets
  6. Nutritional implications of dietary patterns in Mali

Issue 2 June

  1. Governance structures and incentives in the wheat value chain in Ethiopia
  2. Fishing location choice and risk preferences among small fishers – Implications for fisheries management policies
  3. Success Criteria for Commodity Exchanges
  4. Contrat de travail et performance des exploitations cacaoyères dans le Mbam et Kim au Cameroun
  5. Does crop diversification reduce downside risk of external maize yield-enhancing technology? Evidence from Ethiopia
  6. The promotion of amaranth value chains for livelihood enhancement in East Africa: A systems modelling approach

Issue 1 March

  1. Does agricultural diversification build economic resilience to drought and flood? Evidence from poor households in Zambia
  2. Impact of women’s share of income on household expenditure in southeast Nigeria
  3. Heterogeneous demand for soybean quality
  4. Health and environmental effects of adopting an integrated fruit fly management strategy among mango farmers in Kenya
  5. La segmentation du marché urbain du riz local au Bénin: Une analyse par la méthode de classification par cluster