Journal editors are highly dependent on reviewers who submit timely, considered and in-depth reviews. Without them, the pipeline of articles clogs up and the Journal ceases to function. It is, therefore, always a pleasure to recognise those reviewers who have helped our Journal during the course. My apologies for any names that I may have missed here, and my approbation for those who are too busy and too important to accept an invitation to review!

Bezuneh Mesfin
Bizimana Jean-Claude
Blignaut James
Bocher Temesgen
Bonabana-Wabbi Jackline
Brooks Karen
Coetzee Gerhard
Conradie Beatrice
d’Haese Marijke
d’Souza Alwin
Davids Tracy
de Lange Willem
Deutshmann Joshua
Dolgopolova Irina
Gerwel Hein
Goshu Degye
Gow Jeff
Gravelet-Blondin Rod
Haggblade Steven
Ihle Rico
Josephson Anna
Katengeza Sam
Kirsten Johann
Kirsten Marié
Louw Andre
Lyne Mike
Martens Miet
Meyer Ferdi
Michler Jeff
Mungatana Eric
Ngoma Hambulo
Nkonde Chewe
Orr Blair
Partridge Andrew
Piesse Jennifer
Prowse Martin
Punt Cecilia
Ricker-Gilbert Jacob
Salahuddin Mohammad
Shively Jerry
Staatz John
Stevenson James
Thirtle Colin
Tsiboe Francis
Vermeulen Hester
Von Fintel Dieter
Westhoff Pat