The role of cattle attributes in buyers’ choices in Benin

Thierry A. Kinkpé, Rodrigue V.C. Diogo, Cokou P. Kpadé, Jacob A. Yabi & Luc H. Dossa*

This article investigated the role of cattle attributes in buyers’ choices and hedonic pricing in Benin. Cross-sectional data were collected on 347 market cattle transactions using the revealed preference method. Both statistical tests and hedonic price models were performed. The results show that the most important criteria guiding cattle buyers’ choices were the health status of the cattle, and their body condition, price, age and category. The most important cattle attributes determining the price were the live weight, the subspecies and the breed, the origin, the category and the coat colour. In contrast to the zebu subspecies, taurine subspecies and related breeds had significantly positive hedonic prices. These findings suggest that taurine breeds, which are mainly kept by poor smallholder farmers and currently are neglected by national policies, should be promoted and preserved to improve rural livelihoods.