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The AfJARE publishes original research on African agriculture and its interaction with local and global economic systems and policy regimes and their impact on welfare and inclusive economic growth.

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Stakeholders’ perspectives on the use of black soldier fly larvae as an alternative sustainable feed ingredient in aquaculture, Kenya

Kevin Okoth Ouko, Adrian Wekulo Mukhebi, Kevin Odhiambo Obiero, Florence Achieng Opondo, Charles Adino Ngo’ng’a and Dennis Ouma Ongor

The use of novel feed ingredients from aquaculture is growing globally. However, their contributions to scalable and sustainable aquafeed solutions are unclear. New ingredients for feeds are desired in the framework of sustainability and a circular economy; thus, initiatives for implementing such novel ingredients are of interest to agricultural practit…...

Opportunity cost of adopting improved planted forage: Evidence from the adoption of Brachiaria grass among smallholder dairy farmers in Kenya

Kevin W. Maina, Cecilia N. Ritho, Ben A. Lukuyu and Elizaphan James O. Rao

Current global trends in population growth, urbanisation and a growing middle-class economy have resulted in increased demand for livestock and products, and more so dairy products. This necessitates the need for livestock producers to respond to the growing demand. However, farmers’ efforts are aggravated by the effects of climate change. The need aris…...

Understanding consumer attitudes to and valuation of organic food in Sub-Saharan Africa: A double-bound contingent method applied in Dakar, Senegal

Abdoulaye Seck and Djiby Racine Thiam

Although organic farming is increasingly perceived as a viable alternative to conventional agriculture in the face of deteriorating environmental ecosystems, little is known about consumers’ preferences for organic products in Sub-Saharan Africa. This paper bridges this gap in research and investigates the extent to which consumers value organic food in…...

Trade liberalisation in Kenya: A modelling linkage for wheat and maize

Tracy Davids, Julian Binfield, Pierre Boulanger, Hasan Dudu, Emanuele Ferrari and Alfredo Mainar-Causapé

Kenya has become a driving force of trade integration at the regional and continental level, albeit that this process is still incomplete. Kenya was the first nation, along with Ghana, to ratify the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement in May 2018, as it was already engaged with its main trading partners. Trade policy can generate mixe…...

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