Good reviews are essential to maintaining and improving the quality of our journal. They also provide vital feedback to authors and thus contribute to the quality of research in our profession as a whole. Your input as reviewer is an essential part of the review process and an important contribution to the maintenance of the quality of the African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics.

Authors are eager to be informed of the results of the review process as quickly as possible. Please consider carefully whether you will be able to prepare a thorough review by the deadline that you have been given. If not, please return the manuscript to me as soon as possible so that I can assign it to an alternate reviewer. If you wish to suggest the name of alternate reviewers, please do not hesitate to do so. If you agree to prepare a review, please endeavour to do so within the agreed time. Long delays in the review process frustrate authors and can damage the reputation and quality of our journal.

The African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics use a ‘double blind’ review process. The reviewer is unaware of the author’s identity and vice versa. If you receive a manuscript and realize that you are familiar with it or with the author(s), please contact the Editorial Assistant before proceeding with the evaluation.

You are not expected to devote your time to making editorial changes to the manuscript, unless you feel so inclined. However, feel free to recommend that a manuscript be thoroughly edited before acceptance, if necessary. Rather, your task is to evaluate the contribution the manuscript would make to the literature in agricultural economics in general, and to the readership of The African Journal for Agricultural and Resource Economics in particular.