The effect of climate change and agricultural diversification on the total value of agricultural output of farm households in Sub-Saharan Africa

This study investigates the effect of temperature and precipitation on the economic value of
agricultural output from farm households in six Sub-Saharan African countries: Ethiopia, Malawi, Niger, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda.

Migration de la population paysanne : une stratégie d’adaptation àl’évolution climatique sur l’agriculture à Louga au Sénégal

Au Sahel, le changement climatique se caractérise manifestement par la récurrence des phénomènes extrêmes. Les séries de sécheresse des années 1970 à 1980 en constituent une illustration.

The role of agriculture, industry and the service sector in economic growth: The case of Mozambique

This study evaluated the effect of agriculture, industry, manufacturing and the service sector on economic growth for the period 1991 to 2020 using the autoregressive distributed lag stationarity (ARDL) bounds-testing approach.

Willingness to pay for the production of biogas from poultry waste recycling: Evidence from farmers in Nigeria

Poultry waste management and the energy demand have generated environmental and climate change concerns. Experts have suggested converting poultry waste to biogas energy through recycling to reduce these concerns.

The odds of South African agriculture using wildlife ranching to adapt to climate change

In this paper, we explore the role of wildlife in climate change adaptation, especially in areas used predominantly for livestock production in South Africa. Using a sample of 3 449 wildlife and livestock ranches, we estimate a multinomial choice model of various ranching options in these areas. The results indicate that mixed wildlife-livestock ranches are less vulnerable to climate change when compared to ranches with only wildlife or only livestock.

The impact of a scholarship programme on social capital formation among university students: An economic experiment at the University of Pretoria, South Africa

This study uses an online laboratory experiment and a post-experimental survey to test whether the Mastercard Foundation (MCF) scholarship programme causally influences the creation of cognitive social capital among University of Pretoria recipients.