Assessing the contribution of climate-smart agricultural practices to the resilience of maize farmers in Bungoma County, Kenya

Philip Siminyu, Willis Oluoch-Kosura, Hugo de Groote & Judith Syombua Mbau

Climate variability threatens farmers’ livelihoods. Efforts to address climate stress recognise climate-smart agriculture (CSA) as a promising approach to minimising the damage caused by increasing weather variability. However, the effect of CSA practices on the resilience of maize farmers in the face of climate variability is not well understood. This study assesses the effects of CSA practices on the resilience of maize farmers. Using primary data from 250 randomly sampled maize farmers in Kenya, a resilience index was generated and then analysed using a structural equation model. The results show that CSA practices increase the resilience of farmers, suggesting enhanced resilience to climate variability. CSA practices improve farmers’ food security and welfare, and their adoption should be promoted.