Climate change effects on crop productivity and welfare sensitivity analysis for smallholder farmers in Malawi

The effects of climate change on smallholder agriculture under different crop technologies, namely conservation agriculture, Falbedia albida, optimal fertilisation and intensive farming, were analysed against the conventional subsistence farming in Malawi.

Does commercialisation drive technical efficiency improvements in Ethiopian subsistence agriculture?

The conditions in which increased market participation leads to improved technical efficiency are still not adequately understood. This study therefore investigated farmers’ market participation rates and their predicted technical efficiency scores by performing a two-stage least squares (2SLS) regression analysis using household-level data obtained from the 2009 Ethiopian rural household survey.

Health effects of women’s empowerment in agriculture in Northern Ghana: different patterns by body mass index categories

The impact of women’s empowerment in agriculture on women\s health, indicated by their body mass index (BMI), is examined using an instrumental variable estimation approach on a sample of 4 267 women.

Consumer risk perception of vitamin A deficiency and acceptance of biofortified rice in the Morogoro region of Tanzania

Vitamin A deficiency is still a challenge in many African countries, including Tanzania. Survey data were gathered in Tanzania to determine consumers’ risk perceptions of vitamin A deficiency (VAD) and severe visual impairment.